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Germ Free Kits Make the Perfect Holiday Gift!

Now, individuals, families, and entire businesses can get the personal protective gear and supplies they need to stay safe from germs. All in one convenient package at a value price. PPE specialists has gathered together everything shoppers need to effectively resist Covid-19, flu, and other viruses.


Germ Free Kits leave nothing out with a variety of specially assembled kits perfectly curated for Everyday, Travel, and Kids.


Everyday Kits include doctor-recommended items like: Mini UV Sanitizers Travel Wand Light, Disinfecting Wipes, Hand Sanitizer with Carabiners, Spray Sanitizers, Face Shields, Face Masks, KN95 Mask, Gloves and more.


The kit for Kids includes items in kid sizes with special attention paid to keeping little ones safe during the pandemic. The Kids Kit includes; Drawstring Backpack, Disinfecting Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, 21oz Aluminum Sport Bottle, Spray Sanitizer, Face Shield, Kids Protective Face Masks, Gloves, Tissues and Pen.


Those who must travel for business and family will be relieved to know they can board airlines, sit in terminals, and stay in hotels with a much higher level of safety and protection. The Germ Free Kit for Travel offers a wide assortment of specially chosen supplies including the usual Disinfecting wipes and Face Shield, but also offering Shower Shoes, Disposable toothbrush, Towels and Washcloths, Super Soft Heavy Weight Bed Sheets in King Size, Remote Control Cover, Toilet Seat Cover, and much more.


We create our kits for ease of use and practicality. offers the most comprehensive collection of hygiene products in a package that was carefully designed to be portable and convenient.


This comes at a time when Covid-19 infections are reaching daily all-time highs in the US and around the world. Experts say it has never been more important to use good-sense PPE and hygiene products to guard against infection. Such products can often be hard to find and expensive in stores and online. Germ Free Kits make it easy to buy all the high quality protection items needed in one place at reasonable cost.


Far too many people are risking their lives by going out without  the proper protection. We make it easy for individuals, families, businesses, and schools to have the complete collection of protection, disinfection, and more in one convenient package.

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