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New PPE Travel Kits Ensure Safety as Travelers Set Plans for 2021

Las Vegas, NV - With effective Covid-19 vaccines now becoming available worldwide, travelers are once again planning trips in coming weeks and months. <> is offering a new PPE Travel Kit including a complete collection of top quality PPE and sanitizing materials to keep individuals and families safe while traveling. The Travel Kit includes everything from Mini UV Sanitizer Travel Wand Light to quickly and conveniently sanitize phone, keys, and surfaces to quality face shield, face masks, a private set of dining utensils, and much more.


"This big Travel Kit is packed with absolutely everything you need to stay safe and healthy while traveling anywhere in the world. We have these kits fully in stock and ready to ship," said Felicia Di John of


Travel experts, airlines, hotel chains and other key players in the travel industry are predicting a sharp rise in travel in coming months. Millions of business travelers and consumers are eager to schedule trips that may have been on hold for a year or more.


This pent up demand is expected to explode travel activity as Covid vaccines become widely available all over the world. "We will see an increase in travel right away. But travel is really going to take off as Summer and warmer weather nears. We may see travel records broken as people enthusiastically get back to visiting family and enjoying far flung sites," Di John said.


The Travel Kit has been designed to give travelers absolutely everything they need to avoid infection, increase confidence, and allow travelers to relax and fully enjoy their trip.


The kit includes: Mini UV Sanitizer Travel Wand Light, Disinfecting Wipes, Hand Sanitizer with Carabiners, Spray Sanitizers, Face Shield, Face Masks (non-woven), KN95 Face Mask, Reusable Face Mask, Utensil Set (Fork, Knife, Spoon), Shower Shoes, Disposable toothbrush, Towels and Washcloths, Super Soft Heavy Weight King Bed Sheets (Flat and Fitted), Super Soft King Pillowcases, Remote Control Cover, Gloves, Facial Tissues, and Pen.


"You get everything you need to fly, stay in a hotel, do business, dine in restaurants, and stay with friends and family, all while remaining completely safe and secure," Di John pointed out.


This kit includes many features specifically chosen for travelers. Other PPE collections do not offer items like towels, bed sheets, shower shoes, and remote control cover among many more travel oriented items. It could take a great deal of time and extra expense to locate and purchase these items separately. makes it easy for busy travelers who want to get everything needed in a single, compact kit.


"It's easy to pack this in your luggage to take with you. You don't want to be hunting for a quality KN 95 mask while in a foreign land or city you aren't familiar with. Our Travel Kit makes sure you have everything you need at all times," Di John said.


See the complete Travel Kit now available for purchase at:


Travelers are urged to order now while kits are in plentiful supply. They are selling quickly after being recommended by travel and health influencers. Kits make a popular gift for friends, family, and co-workers who may be traveling this year.


Media Contact: Felicia Di John


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