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Travel Safety During Covid-19


The world is currently grappling with a pandemic whose scale is unprecedented. Every day, the number of victims of COVID-19 is only increasing. Despite this, life goes on. But how can you truly live casually when a deadly pandemic is raging? Your life, and that of your loved ones, is too precious. No one understands it better than Germ Free Kits, which has come up with a comprehensive protective package that suits all your needs. Staying true to the vision of its founder, Felicia Di John, Germ Free Kits has come up with a diverse range of kits aimed at fighting the virus together.


Germ Free Kits Everyday

The Everyday package stands true to its name – it contains everything you would need to stay safe from the virus in your daily life. The kit has every protective gear recommended by doctors that could protect you not just from COVID-19, but a variety of other viruses. The Everyday kit includes a mini UV sanitizer, hand sanitizer with carabiners, spray sanitizer, face shields, face masks, KN95 masks, gloves, and many other gears.


Germ Free Kits Kids

Perhaps the only lives we value above ourselves is that of our kids. Many parents have sleepless nights from the prospect of accidentally exposing their kids to anything that could be infected. Well, Germ Free Kits got you covered. The Kids version is designed specifically to make precautions fun to the children. The kit includes a drawstring backpack, aluminum sports bottle, disinfecting wipes, face shields, kids-sized face masks, gloves, tissues, and even a pen. You can now say good-bye to your worries and safely take your kids out.


Germ Free Kits Travel

Travel could be the least enticing prospect when a pandemic is raging outside. Going out to new places and living in new rooms can be a legitimate fear for anyone not wanting to get infected. But for many, traveling is an essential part of work. So how do you get exposed to places like airport terminals, public transport, and hotel rooms, and still stay safe? Germ Free Kits understands your concerns and brings something that would make your life simpler. The Travel kit is made  to specifically keep the needs of all travelers in mind. The kit includes the usual safety gears like face masks, sanitizers, and face shields. In addition, it also includes things any traveler would need – from shower shoes and a disposable toothbrush to towels and washcloths. The kit even includes a toilet seat cover, remote control cover, and king-size, super soft, heavyweight bedsheets. This Travel kit will ensure that your travels are safe and enjoyable at the same time. 


The COVID-19 pandemic is giving no signs of slowing down, and the number of cases is only increasing with each passing day. There is a shortage of authentic, good-quality protective gear for the public. Your safety is truly in your hands. While life cannot stop, it can certainly be safer. With Germ Free Kits, you get the right tools to fight this virus and keep yourself, as well as your loved ones, protected. So, what are you waiting for?

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